MISS A 다른 남자 말고 너(Only You) [2015 COMEBACK]

JYP’s Miss A is back! A music video for Only You, a track from their 7th mini album Colors was released the midnight of March 30 of this year. One of the six tracks from the album, the song sets Miss A out on a strong note.

Only You starts with an awesome old-skool hiphop sample which sets a great ‘strong but chill’ feel, immediately followed by a strong refrain. The song gets a bit poppy when it reaches Suzy’s chorus, but just enough to give it that Miss A flavor. The song isn’t very deviated from their previous ones. However, I am missing a rap or at least a power verse from Jia and Min. After what they’ve showed us with I Don’t Need a Man, this is a bit of a step back.

The video is nothing less than what is expected from JYP videos. Great concept, varied sets, and a (in this case, several) Jia butt shot no Miss A video would be complete without. JYP spared no expense in keeping the video fresh. Although I could’ve picked a few scenes where they could have showcased more of the choreography, it covered the standards of a K-Pop girl group video; sexy, cute, and powerful.

Overall, Miss A delivered with this new MV. Though I had some complaints, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this comeback. This will be definitely be on repeat for a while.

Colors, Miss A’s 7th mini album, is now available on online music stores. Also watch out for their comeback stage on April 2, on M!Countdown.


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