Drive Me to Juliet- Kiss and Tell [Album Review]

Filled with songs of heartbreak, unrequited love, and unexpressed emotions, Kiss and Tell will definitely make you rethink your state of happiness. As the first album, and currently the only release, of Drive Me to Juliet, Kiss and Tell is a great introduction for people looking to get into the band or the local rock scene in general.

The quintet from Cebu, moving forward with the motivation and support from fans, friends, and family along with the passion for music, the band, formerly known as Band of Brothers, came together to compete in an in-campus battle of the bands. By earning their spot among UBEC’s finest bands, one can say that Drive Me to Juliet has come a long way. With the album officially released March 28 of this year, there’s no telling how much more these Cebuanos have in store for us.

Kiss and Tell.

Kiss and Tell features ten beautifully crafted tracks that effectively highlight Kaye’s powerful vocals without overpowering the music. The album showcases a variety of concepts and emotions that could’ve been sequenced in a more comprehensive way. The highs and lows of the album are too random. One good example is how Saving Glass Heart, a ballad, is preceded by a song as strong as System Chaos.

Operations (Doctor, Doctor), the first track, provides a great intro to the album’s style. Not too musically overwhelming, this song hooks and slowly pulls listeners deeper into the album with solid riffs and strong lyrics. What immediately follows is one of the sassier tracks in the album, Actions Speak Louder Than Make-Up. It begins with a sick bass and drum line followed by spine chilling riffs and Randy’s best solo on the album. System Chaos is one of the heavier tracks on the disc. It features a chorus any fan would want to scream to during a live show.

Try, is easily my favourite track on the album. It starts with a distinct intro filled with what seems to be an unending line of drum rolls from Jerand. Both the lyrics are guitar work are impressive. Absence of Understanding is one of the more lyrically creative tracks on the disc. This ballad of raw guitars and smooth bass lines shows a more emotional side of the band. Holding On to a Promise leans toward a more poetic side of the band’s lyric work. A bit of a slow jam, this is a rock track nonetheless. Hands down the most technical track on the disc, Trigger Waltz just hooks you with that waltz riff. The song makes me excited for what the band’s going to put out in the future.

Saving Glass Heart, the fanbase’s ultimate favourite, is awesome in every aspect. However, the particular track on the disc is the same one from the music video back in 2012. I wish they could’ve rerecorded this track because the way they perform it live now is way better. Lighthouse is another that gets a lot love especially during gigs. This soft track lets you enjoy more of the band’s vocal and poetic ability. Maybe It’s Better closes the album nicely with a light approach to an emotional theme. This song sings of unrequited love as something everyone’s been through. This song would make an excellent encore number on gigs especially with the chorus of Oh’s at the end.

The songs of Kiss and Tell are all awesome in their own right. Some of the songs are catchier and more appealing than the others, but you can’t ask for a better first album from the band. It comes in a white CD case with cover art from Kensuke Creations and comes with a lyric booklet with the band’s bio, and 2 stickers. Grab a copy of Drive Me to Juliet’s new album from your local record stores today.Lyric Booklet and Stickers Official Facebook


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