Tanya Markova- Linda Blair

Tanya Markova is Multiple Personality Disorder personified. At least that’s what is says on the bands bio. Tanya Markova is Norma Love, Iwa Motors, MowMow, Robort Jaworski, Isabel Ole, Rez Curtis, Skrovak Iskopanjo, and Levy Poe, and this is Linda Blair.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, ‘Why the hell would I be interested in listening to a bunch of cross-dressing clowns, singing about nonsense?’ My short answer would be because they’re a bunch of cross-dressing clowns singing about nonsense.

Tanya Markova is an eight-piece band that describes themselves (because there are no other words) as a Shock Pop/ Happy Goth group. If you couldn’t already tell from the video, these guys are hella fun and creative. Awesomely catchy music combined with lyrics that tell a story about a possessed child in class, what more could you ask for? And don’t even get me started on the video. These guys are real artists who are just doing their thing and loving it.

I started listening to the band when their most famous single Picture Picture started to air in 2010. Since then, they’ve won several local television and radio awards including: NU Rock Awards for Best New Artist and Best Live at of 2010, Monster Radio’s New Artist and OPM Band of The Year for 2010, and MYX Music Awards for Favorite New Artist of 2011.

I hopped on the chance to see them live when I heard they we’re going to be playing at one of Philippines’ biggest rock music festivals, Rakrakan Festival, of last year, and they did not disappoint. The slot they played was not the most favourable, not everyone can play at 2am to a crowd of drunk and tired kids, but saying they brought the energy back would be an understatement. They do play with the make-up on, but not for really long,. They tend to sweat it off from passionate playing. Crowd pleasers, yes, but more than that, they please themselves with the art they perform. And that’s hard not to appreciate.

Linda Blair, named after the actress best known for her role as Regan in The Exorcist, is a fun song. It starts off innocent enough with those catchy tenen-tens and alternate vocals between Norma and Iwa. Things start to progress at the pre-chorus refrain and it’s full on fun from there.

Get a chance to catch them live at The 70s Bistro Tuesday, May 1, 2015. Follow their Official Facebook to get updates on their upcoming gigs and shows. They have a self-titled album released back in 2010, available in local record stores nationwide.


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