Manila Under Fire- Calm Down

2013 Red Horse Pambansang Muziklaban champions, Manila Under Fire recently released a video for Calm Down. Posted on mcamusic’s account May 25, 2015, Calm Down is from the band’s self-titled album.

First saw the band perform at last year’s Rakrakan Festival, and again at Drive Me To Juliet’s album launch. I even got to share a smoke with Gino who plays guitar for the band. I also got a copy of their album which I might be reviewing soon.

The hard-hitting quartet was champion for a reason. They bring OPM back to a simpler, pre post-hardcore version of rock, which is honestly hard not to appreciate. These guys let their talents shine not through complex riffs and drum lines, but through the way they sync together as a band. They find ways to sneak in a highlight of every member in the songs they play songs.

This song, in my opinion is very balanced. Not to say it’s boring, but it isn’t the kind of song that would hype a crowd more than they already are. Without becoming too technical, each band member performs a “mini-solo” throughout the song. Bassist Bigs, does a great job of carrying the rhythm throughout the song. And the raw rock feel of the song would be nowhere without Nikos’ heavy drumming.

The video doesn’t showcase much. If anything, it fails to transfer the energy this bands radiates during live shows. But I guess it does allow the viewer to focus more on the music which is good too. Post-prod went a little too crazy with the fireflies though.

Grab a copy of their album Manila Under Fire available in record stores nationwide. Also, don’t forget to follow their Official Facebook for updates on shows and other stuff.


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