Drive Me to Juliet- Trigger Waltz (in D Minor)

Posted June 13, 2015 on DrivemetojulietTV, Drive Me to Juliet reveals the official video for Trigger Waltz (in D Minor).

One of the more technical tracks on the disc, the song proves that the band has come a long way, and has further to go. A rather undistraught showcase of talent, the song reminds listeners why the band is where they are now.

The video is directed by Karl LuncenteSoutherlads Productions director, and guitarist for Hey It’s Your Birthday. The video has elements of 70’s martial arts film which is just that, elements. They could’ve kept the film grain throughout the video or have it atleast dissolve a bit less abruptly, to keep the old-timey feel going. Even the light was inconsistent, the least they could’ve done was to throw in a bit of color grading in there. I don’t want to be too hard on the prod team though, I understand how tedious the whole production process is. This was a big step from anything the band has released before. It was ambitious, yes, but not to say it didn’t deliver.

The song is from their recently released album, Kiss and Tell, now available in local record stores nationwide. Read my review of the album here. Follow the band’s Official Facebook to keep track of their shows and other projects.


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