Big Bang – 뱅뱅뱅 (Bang Bang Bang)

Released earlier this month, Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang music video has had over 20 million views in less than 20 days. An upbeat hiphop (hip-pop, if I may) track with a sick MV to match, Bang Bang Bang has well earned each play and replay.

Although some may call it repetitive, Big Bang has figured out a style that works for them and VIPs perfectly. Strong power verses and a catchy chorus is what make a Big Bang-style hype song. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Almost always pitted against their very own Loser, arguing that it has a weak chorus, the song is the kind that grows on you over time. A kind of anti-drop/climax, the chorus is probably engineered to extend replayability by letting it grow on you first. Loser is a slower track written to sate GD’s poetic need to express. It’s in a kind of different category to be compared to this one.

YG did well to complement the band’s onscreen/onstage swagger with spot on fashion, props, and set. The video was allotted a generous budget, and it shows. Props to the direction people for letting Big Bang’s fun side shine through all the seriousness of video because ultimately, that’s what they are, stars who enjoy doing what they do for themselves and the VIPs alike.

I do have to call out how TOP cracked me up on that pseudo whip nae nae dance. Real talent is when you’ve been this long in the industry and you still look like a goober trying to dance. It comes up for a split second on the MV but you can see better at one of their live performances here.


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