Behind The Façade- Blue Waves [First Impressions]

Part of Alternative Press’ 100 Bands You Need to Know in 2015, Behind the Façade, announces US tour for this summer. A female-fronted rock band from New York City, they’ve been storming local venues like Tobacco Road and Webster Hall. This is my first impressons on Behind the Facade.

One thing most female-fronted bands in the scene goes through is being compared to Paramore. One of the best bands during the the pop-punk peak, Paramore has become a base comparison for not just frontwomen, but bands as a whole, regardless of playstyle and music. Of course Behind the Facade has their own style and sound but it is easy to feel the same Paramore-esque vibe from them.

Blue Waves isn’t exactly an upper or a downer. It’d be a great addition to a playlist, but as nothing more than a filler or a transition. It doesn’t help that this comes up as the first search result for the band. Pretty unfortunate since Hypochondriac is a pretty badass song, and it isn’t even on Youtube. Visit the band’s Warped Tour Battle of the Bands page to listen to the song and others that aren’t on Youtube.

Playing music that is more akin to Tonight Alive , Behind the Facade has come a long way since their formation back in 2008. The lyrics and music are simple enough without becoming too boring. They’re the kind of band that you’d want to grow with.

Check out the band’s Official Facebook page here to keep updated on events and gigs. Also, look out for an album that they’ll be releasing this summer.


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