Relient K- Come Right Out and Say It

Come Right Out and Say It takes me back to a time where every other song was coincidentally about my life in a way or another – high school.

It is the second song from Relient K’s fifth album, Five Score and Seven Years Ago. This is one of the best albums the band has produced for several reasons. One of which is this is the first time the band has produced an album as a quintet; ergo the ‘Five’ theme of the album. It, in my opinion, is a milestone album (new label, new members) and should be celebrated.

Come Right Out and Say It is easily one of my favorite tracks in the album. I’m not the pretentious type that says my taste in music hasn’t evolved through the years, however this song hasn’t lost its appeal since I heard it back in 2007. It’s what I listed to back when I thought I was in deep shit, and it’s what I listen to today, when my life is actually in deep shit.

A breakup song? Maybe, but the lyrics aren’t too specific with what exactly I am supposed to come right out and say. It’s about being blunt and not keeping secrets from someone involved. Basically, the song is saying sincerity is the key.

Pretty timely, from my where I am right now. Life isn’t as simple as back in high school. People are less people and more lies. Not to turn a music review into a whiny blog post, What I’m saying is it’s great to have song that you can sing to, to relieve the pent up frustration.

“Now try to make you not regret anything, later on, after I’m gone, you’ll wish that you had listened to me.”


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