Tan Jiu (坛九)’s Their Story

Their Story is an on-going manhua by Tan Jiu . The story revolves around Sun Jing, a first year from Second High School and Qui Tong, a second year student from the neighboring South High School.


Their Story is a light-hearted, slice-of-life web comic about Sun Jing and how she struggles to express her feelings for Qui Tong. The art is amazingly consistent and detailed, and is what actually got me into reading. The story is well-written and irresistibly interesting. I am generally not into yuri and shojoai stories, however, this particular series has got me giggling like a teenage girl.

The manhua, at first glance, may seem like mostly filler strips. However, these are actually subtle development for the characters and their relationships with one another. It allows the readers to feel closer to the characters through the use of the ‘show, don’t tell’ technique. The particular manner of how Tan Jui introduced without dialogue, main characters, Qi Fang and Sun Jing’s friendship on the very first page, continually amazes me.

Their Story excellently demonstrates what most so-called slice-of-life stories fail to emulate. Of course, it can be classified as a love story, but more than that, it is a story about life, and life isn’t all about love. The series has some outstanding comedy sneaked into it. The humor is akin to that of the manga and anime series, Lucky Star.

I have to give proper commendation for yaoi-blcd for translating the series and making it accessible to more people. Props for having translated not only the language, but also the emotion and the comedy of the series successfully.

You can start reading the series on yaoi-blcd’s tumblr or on Dynasty. The series is still on-going so please stay tuned for more and keep supporting the artist and the translators by sharing with your friends.


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