Join The Club- Rakista

Join The Club, the name might ring a bell if you were into the local music scene during the pre-emotional hardcore days in the early 2000s. Back when Hale, Cueshé, and Callalily were all over the airwaves and everyone and their mothers were trying to learn to play the guitar. If you still don’t remember, Join The Club is the band that brought you Mahiwaga, Tinig, and Nobela. If the mention of those songs didn’t give you a rush of nostalgia, I don’t know what will.

Rakista is the third single off Join The Clubs’ Gera ng Balarila album. Off the bat, its hard rock riffs immediately justify its name. The drumline is solid and simple enough to not overpower the subtle guitars especially during the verses. The Oi’s and Na Na Na’s give it that way-early Britpunk flavor.

I’d say Rakista is straightforward enough and some would deem its simplicity as lack of technicality. However, no one should doubt the experience these guys have when it comes to creating and playing music. The technically is there, you just have to listen to it especially during the second verse and the bass solo breakdown.

The video is hella punk and I don’t think any other adjective would describe it better than that. I mean what is more punk than planning a jailbreak? It was also a treat to see Iwa Motors and Norma Love from Tanya Markova in the video.

I first heard this song performed live at 70’s Bistro when Join the Club opened for Tanya Markova and it only consolidated my belief that live music is always better that the recorded version. These guys are awesome live; they have gratuitous energy and always perform like they’re playing The Araneta.

See them perform live at this year’s Rakrakan Festival this December 19 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati. Take advantage of the limited time Barkada Promo, where you can get six tickets for the price of five! You can also follow them on their facebook page for gig schedules and events.


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