Rakrakan Festival 2015: Bands to Look Forward To

It’s a little less than two weeks until one of the country’s biggest rock music festival. Rakista Radio’s Rakrakan Festival has been celebrating the local rock scene with a rock music festival since 2013. 70 awesome local talents playing on 3 stages, what more could you want from an OPM rock festival? The event will also host a skateboarding exhibition and competition, a street art competition, and an all-indie merch bazaar.

A countdown of the 70 participating bands started late October. Currently, the countdown is at number three, with two bands still waiting to be revealed. You can see the full line up and schedule here. I decided to make a list of five bands to look out for during the festival and what to expect from them.

  1. Franco
    Franco is a Post-Grunge band originally from Cebu. The band started as a supergroup but has disbanded in mid-2012, and now has a new lineup save for front man and vocalist Franco Reyes.

What to Expect:
Look forward to throwing up your horns to steady and solid rock. Let the soulful vocals put you in a trance. Franco is awesome live. Expect sick adlibs and solos from Paul Cañada. The occasional fan chant and hand clap moments aren’t unusual in a Franco set.

  1. Galaw Tao
    Galaw Tao is a local NU Metal band. I first caught these guys live at last year’s Rakrakan Festival and again at Drive Me to Juliet’s album launch. And they are all you can expect from a metal act: growling and screaming vocals, hardcore riffs, solid drum lines, and a bit of groove sneaked in here and there.

What to Expect:
Two words: Mosh Pits. Don’t be surprised if a pit starts two seconds in while they are setting up. Also, Kim Io’s sexy hair.

  1. Urbandub
    Urbandub is one of the best bands in the local scene. They’ve quickly reached mainstream success since their inception back in 2000. It’s a shame that their original bassist, Lalay Lim had to leave the band to pursue other priorities; she was one of the best bassists in the local scene.

What to Expect:
Look forward to heartbreaking lyrics and awesome music that everyone, and I mean everyone, will sing along to. If you aren’t singing, you’re in the wrong stage, maybe even the wrong event.

  1. Tanya Markova
    Your favorite shock pop clowns are coming again this year to give you your dose of darkness.

What to Expect:
I’ve seen the band play live several times including last year’s Rakrakan Festival and you can always expect a show with these guys. All the members are so animated it’s just so refreshing to watch. Also, selfies with the crowd when they play Picture Picture are always fun. It’s always a treat to see what Iwa Motors will be wearing. Be sure to cop a front row spot for these guys.

  1. Sandwich
    This is honestly my all-time favorite local band. I’ve wanted to write a review for their latest album, Debris, but I just never got to it. I might in the future though. I’ve seen them several times live and each performance is no less than stellar.

What to Expect:
Sandwich goes back, and I mean way back. Their style has transformed and evolved throughout the years so don’t be surprised to see everyone, from your rocker tito to hipster QC kids, elbowing their way to a front-row spot.

These are my top five picks from the 68 bands that have been revealed. There are still two bands that haven’t been announced yet, I’ve still got my fingers crossed for Pedicab. However, 5 bands do not make a rock festival. Here are some more awesome bands that will be playing:

Manila Under Fire
Flying Ipis
Taken by Cars
Join The Club
Drive Me to Juliet
Save Me Hollywood

This year’s Rakrakan Festival will be at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds on December 19th, Saturday. Be there and mosh your way across thousands of fellow rakistas and scream your lungs out to your favorite songs and support the scene and your favorite local artists. Make sure to follow Rakista Radio on Facebook and download the app to learn more about this event and others like it in the future.


One thought on “Rakrakan Festival 2015: Bands to Look Forward To

  1. “I’ve wanted to write a review for their latest album, Debris, but I just never got to it.”
    Do it na.

    “…from your rocker tito to hipster QC kids…”
    You mean, from me to Isaiah?

    Not top 5 material? Boo.


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