The Junior Varsity- Get Comfortable

It’s Christmas and ‘tis the season to go visit your family for the holidays. This means going back to the town you grew up in and see how much everything has changed, or has it really? This is Get Comfortable by The Junior Varsity.

I first heard this track on a Victory Records sampler DVD back when I got If Only You Were Lonely, and listening to it again takes me back. I can’t say much about the band because I, disappointingly, never really got into them. It’s also sad that they didn’t blow up more than they have.

I have to give props to the genius who writes their songs. This one is a total masterpiece lyric-wise; it successfully conveys how awkward it is to come back to a place that you think you know so well only to be welcomed by the realization that everything is different not only with your home town but also with you.

This song’s technicality is off the scales. They could’ve easily made the song heavier or more straightforward; but they didn’t, and that’s what makes it perfect. If it got any more complex, it would’ve felt like they we’re overshooting it. Not too many bands are keen on upping their technicality today. They’re all either trying to appeal to a wider audience (more pop in their pop-punk than punk), too afraid to over/underperform, or just too lazy.

I understand that one reason they didn’t live up to their potential, fame-wise is because of a particular tragic event that I will not talk about in this (kind of) Christmas-y entry. Either way it reminds us how easy it is to lose your grasp on something. You might have gone home for the holidays just so your parents would stop bothering you about visiting, or you might be in need of serious R&R, or you might just be trying to get through just another day by habit.


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