Soapdish- Tensionado

Wave 2015 goodbye, but not before reliving all your regrets with this old but gold Soapdish track.

I’ve had my share of bad decisions and taken-for-granted-opportunities this year and you can’t convince me you hadn’t had yours. No, this isn’t a bitter post to make you as bitter as I am on New Year’s Eve. I am actually writing this as a reminder to myself, my tiny audience of 5 followers, and anyone else that will be lucky enough to come across this post, to make the coming year as regret-free as possible. So relive all those regrets through this song and promise, like you do every year end, to make this new year a better one.

There are a few songs that I can literally listen to all day, and this is one of them. Awesome music and lyrics. I have no complaints song-wise. The video is fresh and creative, especially during its time. One thing I wish the director could’ve omitted was the closure at the end of the video. It doesn’t really mirror the song’s tone of anxiety and helplessness.

Learn more about the band and their upcoming events through their Facebook, and have a happy new year.


One thought on “Soapdish- Tensionado

  1. This is one of the songs that stayed in my playlist ever since I had a phone. But this is my first time watching the music video, tbh. It was better though, than most of the MVs that I’ve seen. It has a story. It’s actually my favorite song when I’m being masochist. Lol. Anyway, great post!



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