Mayonnaise- You Can’t Be Right

The year has just started and it seems that the world has already lost so much. And people seem to care for a while but I could be wrong and they could be genuinely concerned but you can’t be right all the time.

You Can’t Be Right is the latest Mayonnaise has to offer. Released January 6, this song makes it just in time for the rescheduled Rakrakan Festival 2015.

Their previous album, Tayo Na Lang Dalawa, this track, and I’m confident the album this will be included in, is concrete proof that producing their own material is a step in the right direction for the band. Through Monty Macalino’s The Yellow Room, I believe that the band has had more freedom in achieving their current sound, and has thus resulted in an improved sound and feel althogether. I would’ve personally wanted the original line up of members to have stayed but that’s just me.

Off the bat, you can hear the improvement compared to their previous releases, especially to the ones not produced by The Yellow Room. It’s a decent steady jam not too far from the Mayonnaise you may have been originally familiar with. This isn’t however what I’ve expected as a first single for the new album. The lyrics are more straightforward, not as much wordplay, versus previous tracks. Even compared to the songs from the latest album, the song doesn’t measure up. But that’s just a single in an album, and I’m looking forward to hear more.

Catch them perform this song live at tomorrow’s Rakrakan Festival 2015 Rescheduled. Get to see 70 bands perform at three stages in one of the country’s biggest rock music festival. Check out my entry about bands you should look forward to. Also don’t forget to support the band by following them on Facebook and subscribing to their Youtube channel.


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