Imago- Anino

So everyone’s still abuzz from last Saturday’s Rakrakan Festival. Well, everyone from my side of the scene at least. And there’s this one song that had me thinking more than any others that was played during the event. This is Anino by Imago.

Chances are you’ve come across this song more than a couple of times. This came out when people’s main source of MVs were MYX and MTV. The song is still my favorite Imago track and is what got me into them.

When the drum intro started playing from the Move Stage, I had to stop and think for a whole three seconds before rushing towards the sound. The thing is, this song was originally performed by Imago’s then vocalist, Aia De Leon. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe Mayumi is an awesome addition to the band, I was a fan back when she was still part of Evening Tea Time (a Japanese cover band, but that’s a post for another time), the song just meant something more to me. You can’t blame me for pushing myself into that crowd with a bit of prejudice, but the moment the vocals started rolling in, I couldn’t stop myself from singing along. I was drowning in nostalgia, jumping around in a crowd of sweaty people, screaming out what air was left in my lungs, and was enjoying every minute of it.

Imago performed a sick set. Their sound has evolved and members came and went, but at the end of the day, they are still the same band. They continue to inspire OPM enthusiasts and music lovers in general through each passionate performance. Support them through their Facebook page. You can also learn more about them and upcoming gigs at the SoupStar website. You can also check out my Instagram to see my photos I’ve taken at the event.


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