Julia Nunes- Make Out

There’s something about first love that always gets people’s attention. There are various negating impressions of what first love is; some say it never lasts, some say it is the only real one, and some even say that there is no such thing. You’ve heard them all, and so have I. Of these, the one that gets to me the most is ‘First love never dies’ not because I have an unhealthy fixation with my first love, (I totally don’t, but you’re free to judge) but because I believe that when people say this, they are talking not about the whole first love experience, but of the early stages of that first love.

I first came across Julia Nunes a few years back through her ukulele cover of Panic! at the Disco’s That Green Gentleman (which, for some reason, she took down along with other past covers). She instantly became one of my favorite YouTube musicians after that. A little later, she started her own material and not long after, started a living room tour. She was off YT for a while and I wasn’t following her other social media so I was surprised to see how much she had accomplished. She now has an album on iTunes and this is Make Out from Some Feelings.

I absolutely love how the lyrics remind me of that feeling you have when you are in a new relationship – that feeling when even a lifetime isn’t enough time to spend with your special person. I believe that everyone is entitled to their view on first love and why it’s special, but in the words of Jodi Picoult, “Nothing is worth having so much as something unattainable.” It is a feel good track that’s true to Julia Nune’s original musical style. With lines like: the second you leave I miss you, I can see you tomorrow but I don’t wanna wait, and I’m tryna make you stay so we can make out, if this song doesn’t make you in love with love, I don’t know what will.

Support Julia Nunes through her Facebook and her YouTube.


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