Sandwich- Debris [Album Review]

So it’s Valentine’s Day and here’s my long overdue review for Sandwich’s latest album, Debris. The album was officially released February 25 of last year at the UP Town Center where they performed each song on the album. I got my copy, a few days earlier, on Valentine’s of last year when the band distributed a couple of copies at the Parañaque branch of Crazy Katsu.


I have mentioned in a previous post that Sandwich is my favorite local band for a number of reasons; they are great performers. These guys know how to play a crowd. It doesn’t matter if they’re playing a big stage or a bar gig, these guys know how to hype up an audience. They’ve been in the scene for more than a decade and they’re always evolving their sound. This isn’t always a bad thing, but the band has continually changed-up their sound successfully.

The sound in this new album is lax compared to previous releases. Not to say that the band has lost the rock in their roll, the album is still laden with technicality showcased in riffs heavy in pedal effects and intricate drumlines. One obvious addition to the tracks in this album, however, is the bass solo breakdowns and extended outros.


Border Crossing

The track is a strong and steady start to the album. It’s nothing too fancy – just your straightforward rockin’ rock song.


Amphibious is my favorite track in the album. It’s one catchy tune with a chorus you can’t help but sing-along to. It also creates that sort-of-deep-but-not-really imagery. And it has the absolute best breakdown on the disc. Also, watch out for that Basement Lung reference.


Kagulo is the first single for Debris. If you think it’s awesome on the disc, wait till you hear it live. It has a sick bass solo. I love singing to that ‘Oooh!’ on the third verse when I’m watching them live or just jamming on the radio. It has an awesome outro that sets you up for the next song.


This one is a bit of a chill track compared to the first three. It has the best breakdown drumline in the album and is filled with trippy guitar effects.


This one is kind of a breather for the album. I could honestly care less for the track and it doesn’t stand out that much to me aside from the technical riff. The whole song is just kind of a build up to a climax that never comes.


Outlaw is another song that is great when listened to live. It follows an awesome western theme. It presents a catchy bassline and awesome chorus licks. The solo could’ve been longer, but it’s amazing as it is.


Off the bat, the first thing you’d notice is the nasal style vocals that is kind of agrees with the whole song in a strange way. The lyrics are simple enough but it does paint a picture. They upped the complexity with the guitars in the chorus and it’s kind of a nice surprise. Overall, this track is an acoustic cover waiting to happen.


Balintawak is originally from the [Rock] Supremo Compilation album. It is obviously a patriotic track and is a highly technical one at that. I’m understating when I say the song put’s the P in OPM. It is one of the best in the album and I’m not only saying that to seem nationalistic.

Bato-Bato Pik

There’s a short intro before the actual song which is not really new, but I think it’s strange. I would say the song is the most lyrically creative in Debris. The music doesn’t stand out too much probably to accent the lyrics. There’s this also strange outro where it fades to people talking- not exactly new, but I don’t really get it.


This last track could’ve been anywhere else in the playlist. It’s a downer song that leaves me going ‘tapos na ‘yun?’. It isn’t much of a conclusion to the album but maybe that’s the point. The light acoustic guitars on the refrain is a nice touch and the wailing guitars intensifies the downer vibe.


Overall, the album is well put together. It shows that Sandwich isn’t afraid of doing their thing and rolling with the waves. This album is further proof that the local music scene is alive and well contrary to what the media is saying. The country has a huge selection of worthwhile local music created by our own and nobody has to stick to the shit that TV feeds them.

Please continue to support your local artists. Follow Sandwich on Facebook , if you haven’t already, and check out their Soupstar page.


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