Gracenote- Minsan Lang Naman

This Leap Day, I’d like to share with you, Minsan Lang Naman because like today, minsan lang naman ‘to. Be sure to catch Gracenote live, tonight, for their album launch at 19 East.

Most of the items in my bucket list, for some reason, involve live music. These include such acts as carrying a girl on my shoulders during a concert or performing live on a big stage; these may not be too ambitious, but I’m a simple man with simple wants. What this song helped me cross out of my list, however, was to have a special person who couldn’t come to a concert listen in through the phone. Though the person had come and gone, Minsan Lang Naman, and of course, Gracenote will always have sappy, dreamy value to me.

Gracenote is a three piece band composed of frontwoman, Eunice, who also the main vocals for the band, bassist and backing vocals, Philip, and drummer, Emmanuel.

I first heard them at Rakrakan Festival 2014 and saw them perform several more times after that. They’ve had a major lineup change since this video due to conflicting priorities of various band members, and their two new singles, I Will Wait and Two Four  definitely sound more pop than alternative rock, but I don’t love them any less. I respect that the band is brave enough to change despite the risk of fan depreciation, and the fact that they have kept their image as one of the successful bands in the scene nonetheless.

Gracenote will be releasing their new album, Transparent, tonight, Feb 29 at 19 East in Paranaque, gates open at 7pm. Come early and get a free copy of the album. For more information on this and other events like it in the future, follow them on Facebook. You can also check out their Soupstar profile here.


4 thoughts on “Gracenote- Minsan Lang Naman

  1. Saw them cover When I Dream About You in FUSION Concert last month. I was totally jumping and singing along, great band!

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