Behind the Façade- Good Intentions

Today, Behind The Façade drops their debut full-length, Bitter and Better. It’s been a few months since I did a first impressions post on Blue Waves and they’ve come a long way since this first single for the album.

Good Intentions is a great teaser for what’s to come. I do want to listen to the other tracks on their first album since I first heard the song. However, I am hoping that this wouldn’t be the best track on the record. Aside from the excellent lyric work, nothing really stands out; Technicality-wise, there is nothing lacking, but the song is barely scraping the satisfactory threshold.

There is not much to say about their musicality. The band has just done enough to keep me, and according to their Facebook likes, a couple thousand more people interested. The video, however, is a different story. It is, in all aspects, cringe-worthy. I get the sense that they had to rush production to make it just before the album release date. The feel of the whole video was way down. It looks like either the band was tired, the elevator too small to rock out in, or maybe that’s how they play live – which would be disappointing.

Bad video or not, Behind the Façade, I know, is going places. I would even like to see them play live one day. Please continue to support them on Facebook. You can also get a copy of their debut album, Bitter and Better on iTunes.


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