A Day To Remember- Paranoia

A Day To Remember is a post-hardcore quintet that I’ve been listening to for quite a few years now and is one of the many bands that my playlists can seem to go without. They dropped this video for their new single, Paranoia, early this month.

One of the things that drew me to A Day To Remember is their hardcore roots. Their music is more on the metal side of the post-hardcore spectrum with elements of punk and alt-rock.

The excitement I got from the Facebook update for this video was short-lived. The song unquestionably has that ADTR flare and is in no way a step down from any of their previous material, however, it does feel a little boring. The track makes it seem like the band is on the fence about changing up their sound and is taking all measures to avoid hate from the audience. The song is not lacking in any musical technicality, but that is nothing new for the band.

I love this band and their sound but instead of making me look forward to the new album, my initial reaction was to put on And Their Treason and Stick to Your Gun’s What Choice Did You Give Us.

Follow A Day To Remember on Facebook for more updates about the song and the upcoming album.


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