Reese Lansangan- Arigato Internet [Album Review]

Being exposed to new music during live shows has always been a thrilling experience. Aside from exploring a new sound, I love watching the crowd go crazy over an artist I am just meeting for the first time.

I first heard of Reese Lansangan at this year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival held March 4-6. Reese like the chocolate, Lansanagan like the street, she would say almost after every song during her set. She has a unique vocal style and plays awesome live.

I, together with a lot more people, came to meet her after her set to buy a copy of her album. It contains eleven tracks including two bonus songs.

Exploration No 5
There couldn’t be any other song on the album that could open it better than Exploration No. 5. Generally, it is a welcoming track not only for the record but also to Reese herself. It sings about how a simple want is enough to start an adventure. This is indeed how things start, with a thunderbolt through the heart.

Grammar Nazi
This is a fun and bubbly number. It pokes fun at both the Grammar Baiters and Nazi Haters. Though very subtle, I appreciate the percussion that comes in at the second verse. It was that little push the song needed to become more than what initially was. I also can’t stop obsessing over the scribbling noise at the final chorus. Overall, it is a satisfying track.

This is a slick, jazzy number. The vocal technicality on this track is on point and it’s where her vocal style is most evident. I can’t not love that sexy bass line and chill breakdown.

Code of Kin
This is one of the few songs that isn’t about Reese directly. I’m not really feeling the country riff, but the round singing at the breakdown is a really nice touch.

Her unique vocal style returns in this track. This one is definitely going on my long drive playlist.

Though not as fast paced as the other songs, this one is in no way a downer. I guarantee that the pre-chorus will haunt you for days.

A Song About Space
This is another fun song. If you’ve ever wondered why that great big nothing we call space has that certain appeal to it, this song explains it best. I appreciate all the astronomical references, even the one about Saturn’s chocolate slide.

This is, hands down, my favorite track in the album. My first Reese Lansangan experience wouldn’t have been complete if she did not play this live. I can’t help but to fall in love with falling in love when listening to this song. Forget eargasm, this is an aural ecstasy. Though simple and straightforward, the lyrics, to me, are a masterpiece. If it doesn’t send chills down your spine, I don’t know what will. Please stop being so charming if you could. I can only take so much, and you’re pulling out all the stops.

St. Petersburg
On the surface, this song may seem directed toward wanderlusts, but really, it’s more about people who have lost their way in life. The lyrics gradually get more profound as the song goes on. Musically, I don’t think there is much to mention, still, it is one of the best tracks in the record.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink
This song is so fetch! Obviously a reference to the 2004 pop culture gem, Mean Girls, the track sings of Cady and her high school experience. The song is amusing, and listening for all the references never gets old.

Go Online
This song caps off the album well. It is a bittersweet track that’ll make you reach for that repeat button each time. Usually, I tend to look at the more technical aspects of a song, but this plain acoustic track is in no way boring.

Overall, Arigato Internet is well put-together. It does a great job of introducing Reese Lansangan as an artist and a person. Although I did get that hipster vibe from her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes the pop route; which is not necessarily a bad thing. Her lyrics are relatable and I believe would be right up the alley of the masses.

The album is packaged in a cool plastic sleeve that contains twelve photo cards with lyrics printed in the back for each song, and one containing a thank you note. It allows for a customizable cover, but is impossible to put back without creasing at least one of the photo cards or the plastic sleeve.

Malasimbo Festival was a wonderful experience where I met new people and discovered awesome new music. Like all music festivals, Malasimbo boasts its own unique culture and experience. You shouldn’t think twice about going when you get the chance.

To know how to get your own copy of the album or to find out more about Reese Lansangan follow her on Facebook.


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