The Sunshine Blogger Award

I don’t usually post these kinds of things on the blog, but recently, I’ve been nominated by ladyleemanila for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who inspire and bring sunshine to their readers and fellow bloggers through their posts. I am grateful to the handful of bloggers who follow my blog and think it’s something worth reading. Seeing at least one reader makes blogging about something I am passionate about worthwhile.

There are some rules that come with being nominated as a Sunshine Blogger, including answering a set of questions asked by the person who nominated you and nominating other bloggers for the award. I don’t think my current WordPress circle is big enough to complete the second task so I’ve decided to skip it.

Here are ladyleemanila’s questions for her nominees and I hope my answers tell more about who I am:


  1. What superpowers would you like to have?

I know I wouldn’t be alone when I say that I have spent a more-than-decent amount of time thinking about the answer to this question way before anyone has asked it. Hands down, I would like Wolverine’s healing factor. It would grant me near-immortality and I wouldn’t worry about injuring myself.

  1. What is your idea of having a good time?

A good time for me can be a lot of things. One of them is having a smoke out during a cold night. Another is listening to a new album driving aimlessly around the city I grew up in, late at night, with the windows down.

  1. Share a quote you like.

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them. -Lemony Snicket

  1. Why do you blog?

I blog because I hate the way mainstream media tells the masses the local music scene is dead/dying. I am passionate about music and I care about local artists. More people need to be aware that there is more to local music than the bullshit mainstream media is feeding us.

  1. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are reading?

I don’t generally listen to music when I read books. However, I do listen to alternative rock, post-hardcore, indie and the like when I read comics, articles, web comics, graphic novels, and blogs.

  1. What color do you feel most comfortable wearing?

I went through an emo/punk phase during highschool (who hasn’t?) and has since shopped for black clothes. I wouldn’t say it is what’s most comfortable, it’s just the majority of my wardrobe.

  1. What are at least five places you’ve enjoyed visiting?

Very recently, I enjoyed having visited Shibuya. Another is my hometown, Lipa. Baguio, Puerto Galera, and Bangkok are among my favorites.

  1. If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use?

Most of my childhood was spent playing video games, so I’d say mostly blues and whites to emulate the light radiating from the screens.

  1. If you had to change identities and start over, would you be someone completely different, or about the same?

If I could start over I wouldn’t change much. I’d just focus more on what I would do instead of thinking about the approval of others.

  1. Do you have a signature dish? If not, is there one in your family?

I am a one recipe guy in a family of amazing cooks. If there is one dish I am confident in making, it’s cottage pie.

  1. What do you seek long term, fame and/or influence, wealth, or happiness?

If I had to choose from the three, the smartest choice, I believe, would be influence since it usually entails the other two.

Again, I would like to thank ladyleemanila for nominating me, I really appreciate it. Give her a follow if you like poetry and photography. Her content includes various writing and photography challenges.


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