Spicy Spouse- Pagbabago Daw

Today’s finally the day; the day every flame war, black propaganda, and trigger threat has been leading up to. Today, we vote for the nation’s future. I was never a fan of involving myself in politics, but I wouldn’t say the same for Spicy Spouse. Earlier this month, the Q.C based quartet posted a power track just in time for the elections.

Pagbabago Daw is a rapcore track that is fiery enough to get a nation restlessly eager for the change it desperately needs. The song is, straight up, a solid jam. The heavy riffs laden with that sexy groove works almost too well for the feel Spicy Spouse was going for. I appreciate the subtle riff conversions for every verse. It adds depth and variance to the song. The repeat-fade outro chant is a cheesy staple of most tracks in the genre, but I think it’s too 90s. The rapping is precise. The rhymes feel natural and it’s what makes up most of the suave flow.

Lyrically, the song is creatively coherent. It opens with the main concern, which of course, is the future of the nation, then smoothly transitions to calling out the abuse of power politicians are openly committing. It closes with a reminder to the nation that change happens only when we decide to let it. The campaign references and puns are entertaining at the same time striking.  The lyrics are, no doubt, amazing, but it could also be a possible downfall for the track. Some of the lines, I think, are too specific and wouldn’t work past the campaign and election period.

More than a service announcement to vote responsibly, Pagbabago Daw is a refreshing peek at the local music scene. Follow Spicy Spouse on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation to learn more about the band and their upcoming events. Please continue to support local music by sharing this video to your friends, family, and to whomever will be the next president.


5 thoughts on “Spicy Spouse- Pagbabago Daw

  1. Thank you very much Je TanCardoso for taking time to make this review. You nailed every detail Spicy Spouse wanted to tell the Filipino people. More power to you and your future blogs!

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