Akdong Musician- 사람들이 움직이는 게 (How People Move)

Earlier this month, Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, collectively known as Akdong Musician, dropped two MVs as their comeback for this season. This fun, upbeat half of said comeback is How People Move.

I’ve been a fan of AKMU since their pre-debut during the second season of KPop Star back in 2013. Saying the duo were the underdogs of the reality TV competition would make for a compelling story, but on the contrary, the siblings breezed through each challenge. Even to this day, watching their first performance on the show still gives me the chills.

Winning the competition was a great achievement. Coming out on top while being critiqued by a trio of judges composed of respectable members from each of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies is another accomplishment. There is no doubt that Akdong Musician is one of the more talented groups in the industry.

I chose to review How People Move as opposed to Re-Bye because, I think, this video delivers a better idea of who AKMU is, especially to non-Kpop fans.

The video is colorful, as with most pop MVs. The concepts and costumes are varied yet synergized. The jazz dance break highlights that ‘Hey! Listen to me! I’m fun!’ vibe and is my favorite part of the song.

Although their musical style is nothing too new, they posses many other qualities other artists only hope to emulate. AKMU has crazy showmanship during live performances and it only helps that they have amazing chemistry. Though they may not have the widest vocal range, or the strongest vocals in the industry, one thing they know how to do is to make what they have work. The lyric-work is always one to look out for. Their quirky and fun lyrics always work well with the equally fun music they write. There isn’t a song they write that they can’t have fun on stage with. It’s a phenomenon how these two can bend music to their will.

Follow them closely during this particular comeback as I don’t think they’d be promoting as much due to Chanhyuk’s upcoming army enlistment.


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