Honeydrop- The Place [First Impressions]

Cebu is a known origin of some of the scene’s best artists. A band that I hope will soon join the ranks of nationally known Cebuano musicians is Honeydrop. They are a five-piece rock band I happened upon randomly.

Immediately, the first thing I notice after first listening to The Place is the band’s unique sweet indie pop vocal style. Similarly, drum and bass work’s progression is catchy and engaging. It starts off smoothly and progress gradually with the song; giving more pronounced lines as the song develops. One thing I absolutely admire is the subtle intricacy the guitars provide. The suave and sweet plucking brings the song together very nicely.

The video has impressive technicality as well. From experience, I know guerilla style filming is difficult to pull off. Though they kind of half-assed it with the blurs at post production, the outcome is impressive nonetheless.

I’d love to hear more from the band and even see them perform live in the future. Currently they are prepping from an upcoming EP release. Follow them on Facebook and Tumblr to learn more about them and forthcoming events.


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