Rebecca Sugar- Giant Woman (Steven Universe Soundtrack)

Giant Woman is a song from the twelfth episode of the first season of Steven Universe. I’ve been obsessing over the series lately, and this is one of my favorite songs in the show.

Out of context, the song may seem very creepy and weird. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Steven really is into giant women; seeing how his mom was a giant woman, I guess it runs in the family. Sharing the name of the song, Giant Woman, is the episode where the concept of Gem Fusion is first introduced.

The song is nothing too technical. It’s fun and a bit quirky like most Rebecca Sugar songs, and aside from her amazing vocals, the song isn’t really that outstanding. What draws me most to it, however, is the episode it appeared in. The pacing of this particular episode is akin to the classic thriller, Jaws. Like Bruce, Opal was the main plot point of the episode but was revealed near the end, and had very little screen time. The episode had me invested and left me intrigued, especially since it was the first mention of a concept that is vital to the show.

If you aren’t already following the series, Steven Universe is currently on its third season and is airing on Cartoon Network.


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