Kill la Kill (キルラキル)- Blumenkranz

Kill la Kill (キルラキル) is an action-filled anime series produced by Trigger Studio. The series is about Ryuko Matoi, who is trying to find the person responsible for her father’s death. The story is set in a world where special clothing, created with life fibers, can provide their wearers with improved attributes. Though fun and comedic, the series features an enticing plotline and engaging characters.

Kill la Kill is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously except in one aspect: fan service. When people think of fan service, the image of skimpy outfits and racy scenes usually come to mind, but the series takes it a step further than that. The series features hardcore shipping, all-star team fights, screenshot worthy character cards, and even a post-story slide show. Though often overrated by the community due to the amount of fan service, the series isn’t on the extremes of good or bad.

One good example of this is when the two major characters fight in each other’s suit; this show is fan service to the core. Even the title, Kill la Kill is a pun, as kiru may mean to cut, referring to Ryuko’s scissor blade, and it may also mean wear. Alternatively, Kill la Kill may also be read as Dressed to Kill in Japanese.


Blumenkranz is one of the best songs in the whole series. Its ominous and foreboding tone somehow summarizes that there is more to the series than the surface plot. It has an amazing refrain that sends chills down my spine every time it would come on during the show. Like all other soundtracks in the show, the way it’s used to transition scenes and emotions is very effective.

Kill la Kill is a fun series to watch overall. It has a cheesy yet satisfying ending. It boasts solid comedy and character development. The progressive pace makes it very easy to get into even if you are not into fast-paced action series.


2 thoughts on “Kill la Kill (キルラキル)- Blumenkranz

  1. I just couldn’t get into Kill La Kill. I found it all just a little bit too over the top without enough coherence to really make me care about the characters and what they were trying to achieve. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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