Pedicab- Kaya Mo Mag-Sando [Album Review]

Kaya Mo Mag-Sando is a six-track EP from rock quintet, Pedicab. The group has called themselves, in more than one occasion, a dance-punk band. I’m not saying they’re not as they do have that new wave vibe to them, but using the term just comes off as being to hipster-y.

I have stated in previous posts that i absolutely enjoy bands that play a mean live set, and Pedicab is, hands down, own of the best onstage. The supergroup is highly technical at the same time very relatable with their music – if that makes any sense. Their songs are complex beats intertwined with layers upon layers of rhythmic synth tied together by peculiar yet engaging and sometimes hilarious lyrics.


Kaya Mo Mag-Sando

This track is a not-so-simple introduction to the EP. A sound check if you will, that reminds listeners turn their speakers to eleven.

Ang Apoy

The song showcases the deep-rooted prog rock influences of the band. Hypnotizing guitar riffs combined with the echo-y vocals makes for a good mood setter. Simulan mo na ang apoy.

La Liga Filipina

Immediately, a very 80’s groove explodes in your face at the start of the song. The music is definitely fun, but it’s when you start listening to the lyrics that it becomes a party.


One of the band’s more famous singles, the track sings of the struggles of everyday. This is one of the tracks that I can’t help but dance to no matter where I am or who I’m with.


This is definitely my favorite track on the EP. I love how each element of the song comes together to a somewhat common rythym. The lyrics seem pretty straight forward, however, a friend recently pointed out that it may have a drug abuse undertone to it.

The Shot

The album closes in a calm note with this track. Moving away (too far if you ask me) from the heavier feel of the previous tracks, is a light pop-punk ditty. You get a chance to really appreciate the unique vocal styles of Diego and Raimund.

Pedicab is one of the many amazing local bands in the scene. Catch them and other talented artists including Sandwich, Imago, and Gracenote at Soupstar Night this July 30.


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