PVRIS [First Impressions]

For about almost a year now, everyone and their mothers have been trying to get me into PVRIS. PVRIS, pronounced Paris, is a rock trio made up of Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, and Brian McDonald. I’ve been reluctant, to give them ago because I’d prejudged them as ‘another Paramore clone’ while listening halfheartedly from a friend’s crappy mobile phone speakers.


I finally got around to actually listening to them after noticing that they’ve been appearing more recently the suggested videos on my YouTube home page. Here are my thoughts on the first three videos from that section.


The intro feels kind of lacking, I feel like vocals jumps in too soon, which is not exactly a good or bad thing. This track has a decent enough groove to get me nodding my head unconsciously. The vocal refrain before the breakdown is a nice, refreshing touch. The lyrics are a step above the usual pop garbage, but it doesn’t really do it for me. The song ends as abruptly as it starts and I’m left here, confused.

The video is just as bland as the song. Though the effects were fairly technical, nothing really stood out. If I had the chance to do-over my PVRIS experience, I would’ve listened to My House first.


This track is noticeably more viewed than Smoke. The musical style fits in more with the poppy rock sound of today. Fire is a power track that fails to follow through. Though it is a treat to get a taste of Gunnulfsen’s power vocals, the song just gets old by the second chorus.

The video looks like it’s trying and failing to cover up a low budget production. Which I can’t entirely for, as it is a big feat to make a video for every track of an album.


This track surprised me with the glitch-rock elements at the beginning and I was totally hoping that this song would go that route. It’s a slow number, sure, but it does hold a kind of strength that makes it a decent enough track for a repeat. Of the three I first viewed, this one is my definite favorite. I enjoyed the emo-esque lyrics as well as the chant/pipe organ rhythm. The video was also an obvious step above the other two and was enjoyable to watch.

One thing that bothered me, however, was the lo-fi effects at the start of the second verse. It stuck out like a sore thumb and confused the hell out of me.

Now that I’ve had my first listen of PVRIS, I would have preferred them a Paramore clone instead, at least the All-We-Know-Is-Falling Paramore. In writing this, I realize that I may have been too rash with my critiques, after all, the largest criteria I judge bands by is how they perform live. So I looked up the first result of a live performance and came across My House performed live at the 2015 Warped Tour. Though there is no doubt that the band is musically talented, and they do know how to play a crowd, I don’t think I’m completely sold on them yet.

I’m not completely closing the case on PVRIS just yet. I look forward to something I could jam to with their future releases. They already have the huge following and I may be the only person on the fence about them, but I am still hopeful.


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