The Fold- Gravity

The Fold’s Gravity used to be that one random track I had in my playlist because I had heard it play on the radio, and it wasn’t until recently – when I was looking through some old files – that I rediscovered the song.

Through the years, I’ve become more organized with my music. I would never have a stray track from a random artist without the whole discography, or at least a full album. And it wasn’t until I found this track that I decided to look up the band.

The search results for The Fold was depressing. The first of what came up was a video for the LEGO Ninjago soundtrack. I’m not sure why they took the path they did or whether it had improved their image as a band, but I wouldn’t have imagines how a band who could create a sick track like Gravity, market themselves as the artist for a kids’ show soundtrack. The Ninjago soundtrack wasn’t bad, I just don’t see the appeal of singing “Ninja Go! Ninja Go!” unless, of course, you’re Vanilla Ice.

Gravity is far from the heavy end of the rock spectrum. It has its subtly technicality in the picking during the verses and its lyrics is unlike those from the surplus of pseudo pop-rock bands today. I also can’t leave out how much I appreciate that whispering vocals in the breakdown. It was very 2000’s pop-rock of them.

The song is great partially due to familiarity and nostalgia value, but mostly because it doesn’t try too hard. Did the current image of the band change my perception of the song? Definitely not, but I’d rather not delve into more of their material, present or past. I’ll just keep this one for the sake of sentimentality.


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