Emily Carroll’s The Hole The Fox Did Make

The Hole the Fox Did Make is a 2014 ghost story webcomic by Em Carroll. Emily Carroll is an amazing artist and is one of my favorite storytellers of all time. She is author to several horror webcomics as well as her very own book, Through the woods.


The Hole the Fox Did Make is a story about atonement to a crime made in the past. The story follows the experiences of Regan with her dreams and what they reveal about her mother’s past. Carroll is amazing at building up a story. She also utilizes many subtle techniques to create amazing atmosphere. One good example in this piece is the way she changes from black to red to convey emotion, time, and voice.

The comic is a relatively short read, but I swear it will stay in your nightmares for the longest time. The art is very detailed without being too overwhelming. The story has an amazing twist that will send chills down your spine with every re-read. It is one of my favorite stories of Em Carroll’s and is certainly worth a read. You can check it out and more of her wonderful work on her website.


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