Tessa Violet- Dream

I was introduced to Tessa Violet back during the early days of YouTube – back when she still called herself Meekakitty and when everyone was still jump-cutting their way into internet fame.

She is one of the few early generation YouTubers who hasn’t completely sold out or fallen off the trend. Sure, she’s changed since Meekakitty and although she doesn’t post as much, her videos have improved in quality; and at least they don’t feel forced.

Dream came out mid last month and is basically a taste of Tessa Violet’s indie pop flavor. Though her vocal style is her music’s main allure, her lyrics have their own allure. As with many indie pop tracks, the song is a crescendo of multiple instrumental layers. The video is very well made. It is bizarre and fun with tons of mind-bending visual effects.

I enjoy Dream, as with Tessa Violet’s more recent music, because it is a reflection of her growth as an artist. For someone who has been following her early in her career, it is rewarding to see a vision grow into something more tangible. What I look out for in Tessa Violet’s work is how she makes each song or video show her identity as an artist.


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