Silverstein- Ghost

Silverstein debuted a new single along with a video late last week called Ghost. This is the freshest content from them since the release of their eighth studio album, I am Alive in Everything I Touch, back in early 2015.

Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore five-piece that formed back in 2000. I remember getting into them around when they had just released Discovering the Waterfront. To me, what made the band stand out is their intricate melodic stylings and Shane Told’s vocal prowess.

Earlier the same day Ghost was released, Silverstein posted a short message on their Facebook page about the debut and how happy they are with the video. They also talk about how much time they’ve spent on this one song alone – this kind of makes me worried.

It’s no secret that Silverstein hasn’t been all hits with their previous material. Not to say that they’ve released really bad stuff, there are just a couple of albums that did receive a decent amount of hate and I am afraid that this forthcoming album might go down the same path.

The track lacks the stand-out melodies I associate with the Silverstein sound. It comes off as monotone and dull which might have been saved by Told’s high notes if not for the woah-ohs. This track sounds like it’s something from This is How The Wind Shifts or Rescue. Given that This is How The Wind Shifts was a concept album, and it was very inspired of them to release it, I don’t think it was a satisfying album overall.

The video is a stage set MV where the band just plays in front of the camera with a few cutaways. It’s very reminiscent to the video for Smashed Into Pieces. The running around and Shane adjusting his hair after a short round of head banging is pretty funny though.

If the band did truly put a lot of time in to the single, I hope it was to make it fit in well with album-full of better songs. I am still looking forward to the new album, no question, I just hope it would be more like Discovering the Waterfront or I Am Alive in Everything I Touch. Learn more about this song and their tour with The Devil Wears Prada and Memphis May Fire by following them on Facebook and their social media.


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