Blink 182- She’s Out of Her Mind

Spotify, as part of their agenda to expand their platform to video, released a music video for She’s Out of Her Mind a track from Blink 182’s latest album California.

Flash Frame, Spotify is calling it, is a series of videos that highlights various artists’ biggest moments with nostalgia-induced music videos. The video for She’s Out of Her Mind, first in the series, features Adam DeVine and social media celebrities Hannah Stocking, Vale Genta, and Lele Pons.

I still haven’t had an in-depth listen to California and I don’t really plan to. Based on the many negative reviews and the few tracks of the record that I’ve listened to, a mellowed-out Blink 182 is not worth anyone’s time.

She’s Out of Her Mind is lyrically uninspired. The song is doesn’t really say anything, and it sounds like nothing. The song is so un-punk it’s punk. I think theneedledrop puts it best when he says “…not that Blink 182 us too old for this shit, the thing is that they sound like they’re too old for this shit.”

The video, however, is another story. The attention to detail is amazing. It has tons of the original elements from What’s My Age Again. As much as I want to hate on it, I can’t because of how well it’s made. Also, naked chicks.

She’s Out of Her Mind, instead of giving me a good dose of nostalgia, just pissed me off. It made me long for the good old skate punk days instead of making me want to look more into what Blink 182 is now. There’s a crowd shot at 1:27 that pretty much sums up my whole impression of the song. Yeah I’ll stand up and maybe raise my horns but I’m doing it for 1999 Blink.


3 thoughts on “Blink 182- She’s Out of Her Mind

  1. This was such a cool blast from the past video but I think you may be right. Are blink getting too old for it? I have a bunch of old high school friends who are die hard blink fans and still dig it. Maybe it’s just nostalgia. Great write up btw, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


    1. I’m glad you liked it. There are some alright tracks in California, She’s Out of Her Mind just isn’t one of them. I link my post updates to my social media pages, but other than that, nowhere else. I mostly write for myself, but if you’d like to link it I wouldn’t mind.

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      1. Sweet! Yeah I totally see your point. If you’d like to feature some of your work elsewhere I’d be happy to chat to you about writing a few articles/re-blogging with us at just shoot me an email here if you like –


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