Fearless Vampire Killers- Bruises [Album Review]

The English Vampire Killers (FVK) is an English alternative rock band named after the 1967 Polanski comedy horror film The Fearless Vampire Killers. Sadly, however, the group decided to disband July of this year after vocalist Kier Kemp’s decision to leave. Bruises is a mini-album released in 2015.


Feel Alive

I couldn’t have picked a better opener among the six tracks in the record. It is a solid power track with an upbeat transition riff that I think is an instant classic. The chanting chorus near the end never fails to give me goose bumps.

Stepping Stones

A softer track compared to the first one. The march breakdown on this somewhat call-to-arms track is a nice touch. The stomp-rock vibe emphasizes the lyrics beautifully.

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling is a very catchy track with its fun lyrics. It showcases amazing vocal harmonics throughout the song. I think it was very edgy of them to include a spoken verse.


This track could do with better arrangement. A variety of moods in a single track isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this song’s parts couldn’t feel any more mismatched. The peaks at the chorus, I think, are just right, but the intro and verse are too much of a downer when stacked beside the power chorus and breakdown.

Aging Love

Sounds more modern compared to the other tracks of this record. I would say it sounds like any other post-hardcore track if not for the amazing vocals. The outro solo compels you to hit repeat.

I have just recently started listening to Fearless Vampire Killers and this is the first album that I’ve listened to in full. The band certainly has amazing vocals and is powerful enough to easily carry all the songs in the record. There is little doubt that I will continue to listen to them, but I wouldn’t recommend listening to this album if you haven’t at least listened to anything from their previous albums.


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