Distractions and Surprises [Flash Fiction]

“So, you had fun?” I ask as we walk up to her front door.

     For the first time tonight, she pockets her phone. A smile lights up her face, reminding me why I was on this date.

     “Yes, thank you.” We stand at her porch, she hesitates for the knob.

     “Really,” I would’ve already melted if she had been looking at me like this all night, “you seemed, uhm, distracted.”

     She takes my hand and leans in. I was almost begging for it when my lips found hers.

     I hear the door open, she jumps back, “Mom?”

     “Sorry” she says, smiling again. She picks up the tiny sleepyhead at the door. “I had a great time. I’ll see you soon?”

© coversonyourbed

Word count: 120

I’m not sure if I successfully revealed that she wasn’t a great date or that he didn’t know she had a kid. I might write a sequel or a prequel for this one. Was listening to Birdy’s Keeping Your Head Up while writing this for some reason.


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