Kate Nash- My Little Alien

Kate Nash released a music video earlier this week for her new single, My Little Alien. It’s been too long since her last music video and though there seems to be a lot of hate going around, this is more than enough to keep me interested until the album.

My Little Alien is a fun song that is nothing unexpected considering Nash’s history of far-out tracks and playful lyrics. It has a cool bounce that dances around Kate’s distinct vocals. The piano at the chorus solidifies its blues-y feel. The lyrics have a melancholy vibe to them but are actually really sweet. If you listen closely, you could just feel the love overflow when she sing-shouts You light up the sky!

The music video is an excellent supplement to the track. It reveals how the track is really about Nash’s rescue pup, Stella. The video is a simple, almost random collage of scenes of the two of them.

My Little Alien will definitely be on my playlist for a while. Follow Kate Nash on her social media for updates on this and her ongoing UK tour. You can also go here for more information.


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