If You Want To [Poetry]

Her smile met my eyes,
As I turned from reading the horizon.
The setting sun transformed her,
A bloodless deity.

I wouldn’t have noticed her come in,
If I wanted to.
She wouldn’t have,
Wanted me to.
She wanted me too.

Psychic, she shook her head,
Before I could ask my tired question.

“Stay as long as you need,”
I say with still lips instead.
She smiles,
Neither an approval nor a denial

I couldn’t remember,
The last time I’ve seen darkness.
Sleep isn’t for those,
Without dreams.

I let the sun get bored,
Of our still play.
Statues on stage.
Ballet-ing to the silence in our stares,
To the beat of off-beat hearts.

I gave no permission to the moon.
The night was here
She had faded, but not her smile
All that remained were words unsaid.

© coversonyourbed


Word count: 138
This piece was one of the entries in the first and currently only chapbook I’ve ever put out. The collection is called Precognition and it contains 12 poems. Hit me up if you are interested in a physical copy.



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