Faintlight- In Transit [Album Review]

Faintlight is a QC-based five-piece alternative rock band. I first encountered them on the Rakrakan Festival’14  Rock Till You Drop Volume 1 sampler CD with their single You’re Fire.


Maybe I’ve been away from the scene too long, but from what I can tell, the band is partially underrated. Even after a couple of crucial roster changes, where other bands would probably have called it quits, the band continues to play; going as far as opening for big acts such as Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Franco, and Urbandub.

I may be a little late to the party, nevertheless I’d like to show my appreciation for the band and what they do for the scene by reviewing their latest EP, In Transit.

In Transit, released late October, is not far from their old material. Given that I’ve only listened to a handful of songs from their previous album, Flight, the EP still has that strong post-hardcore vibe to it.

She Knows Me Well

This track is not bad as an opening for the EP, especially considering that this is my first in-depth look of the band. It’s very hard not to notice the intense imagery the lyrics create. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t taking a drag myself at the end of the track. The mild delay effect was an impressive technique that brightened up the track.

Losing Control

The band’s hardcore roots really show through the riffs as well as the technical drum fills on this track. Though it is another grim number, it is a great showcase of the band’s overall musicality.

Chase Away

Chase away is snappier compared to the previous tracks. With the heavily effected percussion and the pseudo-techno melodies, I had expected for glitch effects to jump in any time only to be disappointed with a tiny record-brake drop.


The ominous intro of this track is bound to give any listener chills. Rainfall gives us another peek at the band’s technicality with the entrancing lead phrase. The bassline on the second verse is definitely my favorite on the EP. One of the more lyrically poetic tracks on the EP, the intricate layers of the song is just as worth mentioning. The little addendum at the end was probably meant as a secret track and is a nice little follow-up.

This Place

On this track, I get the glitch effects that I’ve been expecting from the vibe the whole EP has been giving off. The warm musicality of the ballad makes for a great and chilled-out finish.

In Transit is a satisfying first listen for Fainlight. Though I was half-expecting their music to be closer to the prominent bands in the genre, it was a nice surprise that they have developed a sound that works from them and the local scene. If anything, the EP is evidence that the band can hold their own.

Listen to In Transit for free on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook for updates on this and future releases. Catch them live at Rakrakan Festival on the 14th of January 2017 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


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