Stale Coffee [Short Story]

I wake up to sounds of him getting ready. Well, it’s not waking up if you haven’t slept a wink. I peek at my bedside clock; almost time for me to get up myself. Then, silence – he’s done. I could see him in my mind’s eye standing behind me.
     “Kate?” he whispers, doubting if he should disturb my nonexistent slumber. I get up to put my clothes on.
     “You know,” he hesitates, “I can always take a cab. You should get some more rest.”
     “I promised I’d take you and I will.” I say as I walk into the bathroom. I hear the wheels of his trolley roll out the door. Never was there a more depressing sight than my lone toothbrush in a cup where there used to be two.
     I walk into the kitchen. He doesn’t even look away from the window when he says, “I made coffee.” I pour myself a mug. It’s too watered down – the way he likes it. I set it half empty down his untouched cup. He finally looks at me. “Too weak?” he asks.
     I shake my head, “It’s perfect,” I say and down my cup. “We should get going.” He stands and we start for the door.

“I’ll call you when I get there.” He says as we near the airport. “Janna’s going to miss you at her party.”
     “I’ve talked to her, she knows I have work.” I say as I pull over to the curb. “You go have fun at your stag party.”
     He reaches to open the door. “Babe,” I couldn’t stop myself. “I’ll miss you.”
     “I’ll see you at the wedding, yeah?” He says to me as he gives me a big hug. He walks to the back of the car and I pop the trunk.
I dared not peek at the review mirror as he took out his bags. One of the things I learned was to never give that “last look” it makes goodbyes a lot harder. but as I drove away, I found myself looking at him wave goodbye through the side view mirror.

I did not look forward to going home from work that night. I walked into the kitchen and stared at the two mugs sitting at the counter, mine, completely empty and his, still full. I took a seat where he did this morning, stared out the window, and took a sip of his cold, watered-down coffee.
     “Three more days of this.”

© coversonyourbed

Word count:411
Happy Holidays!


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