Inhibition [Poetry]

The shy empty pages of this book
Stare back in anxious waiting.
After a forever in a dark nook
It has done its hibernating.

The blank tome stares
At the old and tired forebearer,
Worn, with more than a few tears,
Cover to cover filled- its answered prayer.

Now its turn has come
to aid in the author’s trade.
It longed the scribbling hum-
The sound of ideas being made.

But the author can’t seem
To make pen find paper.
To start with the year – too much for a dream.
“Maybe later.”

© coversonyourbed

 Word count: 92

Happy New Year! This is technically the first post of the year since I wrote the review for Padstow’s Farewell before the holiday break last year. It’s a brand new year and I’m planning to post twice as often as I did last year. It’s a rough start, but a start nonetheless. I’ll be busier this year but I still want to put out at least a review and a writing post weekly. I’m also planning to make my chapbook, Precognition, available for free download, with online-exclusive pieces, for a limited time.


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