Moonstar88- Itulog Mo Na Yan

I honestly enjoyed Moonstar88’s new single, Itulog Mo Na Yan, more than I think I would.


Released late last week, I went in expecting Moonstar88’s signature cutesy,

Ayokong sanang pakinggan mga pa-cute na hirit mo
Kasi minsan kinikilig parin ako


Wag mo naman sanang paglaruan ang damdamin
Kung sumpungin

and bittersweet lyrics,

Akala ko tapos na ang lahat sa ating dalawa
Diba sabi mo mag move-on ka na
Bakit ngayon kahit hating-gabi
Nagteteks ka pa ng ‘musta, sinta?’

however, this one line I really can’t get over

Parang lumpia na hubad
At binalot sa kanin
Na maasim

Rather than making the track sound tacky, the corny lyrics actually gave it more character.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the sweet bass riff at the refrain. The generic solo is nothing new for the band but is made up for by the heavily stylized melody.

I enjoyed the track in all its cheesiness. I tuned in for a quick review but I might include this in my playlist now. I think what it is, more than anything, is me being happy I was able to find time to (sort of) get back into the scene and write about it.

Itulog Mo Na Yan is available on Spotify. Follow Moonstar88 on Facebook for updates on this and the forthcoming album. You can also check out this on point lyric video by MrHappyMan0123 on Youtube.


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