Maude- Habol

Sadyang walang saklolo sa pusong bulag

I’ve had this song on repeat for the past three days and it never failed to send chills down my spine. I’ve always been adventurous when listening to new music, even with music I don’t immediately like. I listen to a new song over and over until I grow to like it more, get tired of it, or establish my hatred for it. This song, however, had an eerie familiarity to it. The first time I listened to the song, it was as if some stranger just came into my room, picked out my favorite book off the shelf, and just read to me on the bed – it felt right.

Araw araw, pag gising, tulala
Bago matulog, umiiyak

Maude is a three-piece, pop-rock group that has been gracing the scene since 2012. Habol is an instant classic, released mid-year of 2016, that I wish I had known about sooner.

Tama bang manghabol sa tanging tao
Na kaya kang saktan?


Ang nag-iisang taong may alam kung paano ka saktan
Ay siya ring nag-iisang tao
Na hindi mo makayang iwan

On the surface, Habol may seem like a simple track which isn’t a bad thing, especially in this case as it lets the poetic lyrics stand front and center. A more intimate listen would reveal the subtle intricacy of the track. I especially enjoyed the sudden crescendo towards the breakdown that comes crashing in after a short pause. True to the lyrics, just like bouts of sadness, it comes in almost without warning.

The video, as with the track, is extremely detailed as well. The way they had to walk backwards to make it look like they were moving forward when reversed throughout the filming of the video is an achievement by itself.

Bakit hindi ka parin matalino?

Follow Maude on Facebook and Twitter for updates on this and future releases. I’d also like to give a shout out to Tangled Musings. I wouldn’t have come across this awesome song if it weren’t for the OPM Artist Recommendation post for Maude.


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