Quest- Walang Hanggan

Jose Villanueva III, better known as Quest, released a music video for his single, Walang Hanggan, on his official YouTube channel late last month.

Walang Hanggan is a fresh step away from Quest’s signature RnB vibe. Musically, the track couldn’t be any more perfect. The heavy piano backed by the despondent heartbeats and eerie strings create a perfect stage for Quest’s soulful vocals.

Noong ika’y nilalamig, ako’y iyong init
Kapag takot sa bukas, ako’mg unang sisilip
Ginawa ko na ang lahat
Di pa din sapat kasi ika’y mawawala na
Nawalan ng gana ang tadhana
Nanlamig ‘yong dating nagbabaga

The lyrics, as with most of Quest’s music, are very inspired. The helplessness of holding onto an ending relationship couldnt be any more clearer in his metaphors.

Iindahin ko ang sakit na gumuguhit
Ngingiti sa likod ng luhang pumupunit
Baka masulyapan mo yung dulo
Kasi sabi mo walang hanggan, ba’t merong dulo?
Ibibigay ko ang lahat paulit-ulit
Bawat pagkakataon ay aking isususlit
Basta matalikuran mo yung dulo

The video is just as amazing although I think it should be watched only after hearing the song at least once. It’s an amazing concept and has a stunning twist at the end which deserves as much attention as the song. I very much appreciated the level of detail put into that MV. That one heavy sigh after he says ‘I’ll be fine’ right before the heartbeats start was too painfully familiar.

‘Wag ka munang tumalikod. Bumalik ka muna dito
Padampi kahit anino. Ayokong mag-isa dito
Wala na bang bisa aking dalangin?
Tinataboy na ba ng langit? Nakikiusap na lang sa hangin

For updates on this and future releases follow Quest on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel. I am especially looking forward to a set of future MVs he’s teased on a twitter post.


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