Wide-Eyed Browns [Poetry]

The sound was fading
More tired with each strum
Frustration reverberating

Tired sighs frequent
Singing with the strings
An appropriate augment

The six-stringed instrument
Was heavy on her lap
Weighed down by an unfinished lament

The guitar’s sharp claws
Dug into her fingers
Which from hours of practice were raw

Her voice now sore
It screamed for rest
Enough of this, no more

Her arms had dropped
But not by her will
From exhaustion, her body stopped

Only one remained
With the beat of the unfinished song
The crushed
The broken
The pained

Pray dear heart
She finally said
Be at peace lest we’re torn apart

By this lost sonnet
Which his ears will never hear
We’ll heal I know
We’ll heal I swear it

© coversonyourbed

Word count: 125


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