Pavlovd [Poetry]

You know I’ll be around when your heart starts tearing,
When it gets harder to breathe and you start heaving,
And the room gets darker and hope seems fainter,
When The End is in sight and you can’t be any more eager.

You know I’m there, before I can even say.
The second your heart splits, the second it sways,
In the thick of the blizzard; underneath the snow,
In the heat of the moment; the climax of your woe.

I’ll be around, by instinct more than will,
To see you to that same old trip downhill.
When your heart starts tearing, you know I’ll be around;
Conditioned to come running when I hear that sound.

You call me over to listen to thoughts of calling quits,
What ifs, and regrets, to the beat of your broken heart, moonlit.
I’ll be there, I don’t have to say,
At the first beat of that broken heart, I’ll be on my way.

© coversonyourbed

Word count: 160
Is it weird that I message you at the most complicated times of your life? You’ve yourself to thank.


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