Cyan Abad-Jugo’s Letters From Crispin

I believe there’s a certain art to writing for a younger audience. I hold several children’s novels in my collection – as a palate cleanser for the dark fiction I usually read – and recently included Cyan Abad-Jugo’s Letters From Crispin.

Letters From Crispin

First published as a serial on the learning section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Letters From Crispin is set in 1986 and re-accentuates two important historic events in Philippine History. EDSA and the revolts of our forefathers presented side-by-side creates an awesome parallelism that I think will make history more interesting to a younger audience.

I enjoyed reading Letters From Crispin. The story was gripping and I couldn’t imagine reading it as a serial. There’s a kind of a plot twist at the end though it was already foreshadowed not too far into the book. The illustrations by JC Galang are well done – simple yet dynamic. One thing was, I kind of wished that the one on the cover shared the same art style with the ones in the book.

Letters From Crispin pg14

I think it’s short stories like this, with simple yet gripping narratives, are what would get young readers into reading. It doesn’t say much about the events of our history, instead it highlights the importance patriotism.


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