Coke Studio PH: Sandwich X BP Valenzuela

Coca Cola Philippines has teamed up with TV5, to take amazing local acts and having them collab through Coke Studio PH. The show, I believe, is a wonderful platform for exposing the masses to more worthwhile music than what the “main” mainstream is shoving down our throats. It’s a great program that also connects fans with their favorite artists through live social media Q and A.

Episode four of the first season of Coke Studio PH features one of my all-time favorite bands, Sandwich collabing with indie-electropop artist, BP Valenzuela. The show is a nice peek into the thought and musical processes of these amazing bands. It was interesting to hear about their opinions on the local music scene and each other as musicians. I enjoyed how they made the whole process of creating music look so fun.

The first part of the program had the artists cover a song from the artist they were collabing with. Sandwich chose to cover BP’s Even If You Asked Me. Given that I have yet to give the original an in-depth listen, the cover had that very Sandwich sound. BP, in turn, covered the very iconic 2 Trick Pony. The first part seemed like a decent cover until that switch-up breakdown. DAT SWITCH-UP DOE. Also, to be called punk-rock by Raims, wow wow wow kalabaw.

Stutter is a sensuous track. It has multiple ambient layers which I think is common, style-wise, in both BP and Sandwich’s music. The lyrics are simple but very profound. I thought it showcased BP and Sandwich’s sound in a way neither was overpowering the other.

Honestly, BP isn’t my favorite musically or as an artist. I first saw her live at Vinyl Day 2015 at BGC and her music didn’t really leave that much of an impression on me. There were other acts that I thought would pair better with Sandwich, but this collab couldn’t be any more perfect.

I enjoyed the show very much. Coke Studio PH delivered in their promise of awesome collaborative music. Catch Coke Studio PH every Saturday at 7pm on TV5. You can also watch a live simulcast on their YouTube Channel. Support and learn more about the artists by following them on their respective social media accounts.


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