Quest- Walang Hanggan

Jose Villanueva III, better known as Quest, released a music video for his single, Walang Hanggan, on his official YouTube channel late last month. Walang Hanggan is a fresh step away from Quest’s signature RnB vibe. Musically, the track couldn’t be any more perfect. The heavy piano backed by the despondent heartbeats and eerie strings … More Quest- Walang Hanggan

Maude- Habol

Sadyang walang saklolo sa pusong bulag I’ve had this song on repeat for the past three days and it never failed to send chills down my spine. I’ve always been adventurous when listening to new music, even with music I don’t immediately like. I listen to a new song over and over until I grow … More Maude- Habol

Silverstein- Ghost

Silverstein debuted a new single along with a video late last week called Ghost. This is the freshest content from them since the release of their eighth studio album, I am Alive in Everything I Touch, back in early 2015. Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore five-piece that formed back in 2000. I remember getting into them … More Silverstein- Ghost

Tessa Violet- Dream

I was introduced to Tessa Violet back during the early days of YouTube – back when she still called herself Meekakitty and when everyone was still jump-cutting their way into internet fame. She is one of the few early generation YouTubers who hasn’t completely sold out or fallen off the trend. Sure, she’s changed since … More Tessa Violet- Dream